Matter, Mind, Spirit

‘Physical energy is the one reality which is true and steadfast in its obedience to universal law. As the
mind of any personality in the universe becomes more spiritual, or Godlike, it becomes less responsive to
material gravity. Mind is the technique whereby spirit realities become experiential to creature
personalities. True spirit is not subject to physical gravity but eventually becomes the motivating
influence of all evolving energy systems of personality dignity. The goal of existence of all personalities is
spirit. On paradise, the three energies, physical, mindal, and spiritual, are co-ordinate. In evolutionary
cosmos energy-matter is dominant except in personality, where spirit, through the mediation of mind, is
striving for the mastery. Spirit is unchanging, and therefore in all personality relations, it transcends
both mind and matter. Consciousness of divinity is a progressive spiritual experience.’

— Adapted from the Urantia Papers

It is delightfully thought provoking to contemplate what kind of intelligence is capable of producing such
succinct, intuitively flawless and convincingly authoritative commentary?

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