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Studies in the last three decades have revealed evidence that EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is highly effective at helping individuals who have experienced trauma to overcome anxiety and depression caused by those events.

EMDR focuses on the past, present and future, identifying the causes of negative feelings and processing them in a way that forms new associations. For this reason, it tends to work much more rapidly than traditional therapies.

EMDR therapy often has eight phases, each one taking the patient one step closer to emotional healing:

  • EMDR Phase 1
    • This phase focuses on sources of trauma, particularly in childhood. It is important for the therapy to have a history of the patient to move forward.
  • EMDR Phase 2
    • In phase 2, the patient is given coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety and depression, so that they may maintain a level head throughout this rapid treatment.
  • EMDR Phase 3-6
    • Throughout these phases the patient focuses on negative feelings and events and identifies a vivid image associated with each one. While the patient focuses on this image, the therapist provokes eye movements mimicking those associated with REM sleep. This allows the images and events to form new associations.
  • EMDR Phase 7-8
    • These phases provide closure for the patient. Through keeping a log and examining progress, the therapist can determine what areas, if any, still need continued therapy.

EMDR provides emotional healing from trauma. It helps reduce and even eliminate triggers that insight emotional upset after a traumatic event. Through reprocessing the events and feelings that cause distress, therapists are able to help patients to form new associations to replace painful ones. EMDR can be an effective treatment for anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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