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Act As Though I Am, And I Will Be

Act As Though I Am, And I Will Be

Wouldn’t in fact be an astounding discovery if it was that simple? Throughout human history, humans have been searching for meaning. Philosophical inquiry and religious pursuit has compelled humanity since our beginnings. Still today, the overwhelming majority of us are positively disinclined to believe there could be so simple a law operating within our mental action that actually impacts our tangible experience. In recent years, this statement, ‘Act as though I am, and I will be,’ has been mainstreamed by books and films, and everywhere there is talk about the ‘Law of Attraction’ (i.e. like attracts like, the secret promise is that our thoughts create our conditions, etc…)

'Act As If' And 'Fake It Until You Make It'

It is Reverend Sam Shoemaker who gets the credit for originating the "Act As If" and "Fake It Until You Make It" practice that is popular in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous circles. In 1954 he wrote a story about a man who agreed to just go through the motions of believing in God, despite the fact that he did not. To his surprise, simply by reading from the bible nightly, he became increasingly moved and inspired. Ultimately, the man became a person of faith and leader in his church community.

AA Circles And The Bible

‘Act as though I Am and I Will be’ is a popular concept in AA circles, but it is not explicitly found in the Bible. The Bible does say, however, ‘that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that believe (Galatians 3:22).’ But, if the statement, ‘Act as though I Am, and I will Be’ is really a truth, then then should we not witness it permeating our secular experience just as well as it does our spiritual experience.

Newton's Laws

Certainly nobody can deny the validity of Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion, which he first published in 1687 and which describe causes and effects of interacting masses and physical forces in nature. Nor can anyone deny Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, which describes a universal force in nature which is attractive. Much less widely appreciated is the fact that Newton also discovered a formula for calculating the image position for a curved mirror--that is, he formulated an optical Law of Reflection.


So the question becomes, if ‘Act as though I Am, and I will Be’ truly depicts a mental cause dictating a tangible effect, then can we discern mental laws corresponding to the same laws which Newton discovered that govern cause and effect in nature. Should there not also be a mental law which is the equivalent of attractive gravitation, and still another that is the mental equivalent of the law of reflection in physical reality?

Earnest Holmes's Mental Law Of Attraction

In his ‘Science of Mind,’ it is Earnest Holmes who gets the credit for formulating the Law of Attraction operating in the mental domain. Holmes writes: ‘Thought sets definite force in motion in mind, relative to the individual who thinks. For instance, I am known in Consciousness as Earnest Holmes, for that is my name; and every claim made for me, which I accept, operates through avenues of mind activity and returns to me as some condition.’ Said another way, every idea is bound to produce an effect exactly like its cause. The reason for this is evident—we are dealing with the law of cause and effect; and how could it be otherwise? How could it be that cause and effect operates in the physical plane –something about which we are completely convinced, yet there is no correspondence in the cognitive, psychological, or spiritual plane? For we know that a house divided cannot stand. That is, I would argue, that it cannot be that the Universe is structured inconsistently or in opposition to itself, even though it is multidimensional. If it were, then the universe would be structurally unstable, which is impossible,since that would have preempted its evolution in the first place.

The World Of Reflections

But the Universe does exist and it is governed by laws. Within the mental plane, where we find no laws in operation that are inconsistent with laws anywhere else in the Universe, we find that on one side is the world of thought, and on the other, the law of reflection. The world of thought comes from each of us as individuals; and thought is active. The world of reflections is receptive. In thought is the cause that reflects effect.


Now karma is the spiritual equivalent of both mental and physical cause and effect. ‘But Hold It!’ you demand…there it is!’ ‘There is the mystical hocus pocus you were looking out for, and to which you cannot subscribe. But really? Is it an irrational leap to consider that cause and effect operate in the spiritual plane in correspondence to its equivalence in the mental and the physical plane? Is it irrational to find a law of attraction operating there? Is it mystical hocus pocus to find a law of reflection operating there? Is there anyone who does not attract like gravity to himself just what he is? Perhaps you can see it in your own life, if you are honest and objective—though you may need the reflection of a mirror—that is, of a good (i.e., courageous and honest) friend, to see this truth: cause and effect are two sides of thought; thought is both cause and effect. It is its own answer, just as prayer is its own answer—but only in proportion to the force with which one fully believes one’s thoughts in prayer. Only ask and you will receive. If so, then why does it oftentimes not appear that way. Perhaps it is because if one prays one day with relative conviction and faith, they may nevertheless nullify the effect the following day if in their frustration they pray with scarcely more belief than hope.

The Tenet Of Science Of Mind

In dealing with Mind and Spirit, we are dealing with forces that cannot be fooled. Mother Nature in any of her aspects will not be betrayed. We can fool others, and we can fool ourselves, but we cannot cheat truth in principle from even a shadow of its own unfolding, for we are conscious of a creative Universe which is also receptive, impersonal, always receiving the impress of our thought, and which has no alternative than to operate directly upon it, thus creating the things which we think. This is the tenet of Science of Mind, and it is my experience that it can be demonstrated to be true. Think in images, experience in form. Think you are limited in prosperity, experience poverty. Want a friend, be a friend. Think yes, experience yes. Think no, experience no. And why is this? It is simply because these laws, which operate in reception to our thought, are attractive, proportionally forceful and operationally reflective. That is the truth. You are free to attract it into your core belief, and reflect it in the way you think and act, or reject it wholesale as nonsense. But act as though it is positively true and behold: indeed it is.



Destiny whispers, dreams inspire Charter our lives, Spirit on higher Woe to those who live belied Destiny's calling, no where to hide Omniscient the One who fuels our fire Create does He our truth’s desire Obstruct Him not is well advised, Save withered soul and heart decried Prayerfully hear the soft decree True to yourself, so must you be Create as you go, love with your might Nourish your spirit, your soul’s delight Worship ye humbly, Love ye most Sublimity’s Temple, Divinity’s Host

Real trouble, lasting disappointment, or serious defeat comes if and only after one’s misguided self-concept presumes fully to displace the true governing power that is the central spirit nucleus of our personality.

— Adapted from the Urantia Papers

When the beauty of this truth first embraced my heart, I literally laughed with such joy I cried. For those of us who fail repeatedly and spectacularly, it is staggeringly ironic, gloriously funny and Positively Divine!

‘Physical energy is the one reality which is true and steadfast in its obedience to universal law. As the mind of any personality in the universe becomes more spiritual, or Godlike, it becomes less responsive to material gravity. Mind is the technique whereby spirit realities become experiential to creature personalities. True spirit is not subject to physical gravity but eventually becomes the motivating influence of all evolving energy systems of personality dignity. The goal of existence of all personalities is spirit. On paradise, the three energies, physical, mindal, and spiritual, are co-ordinate. In evolutionary cosmos energy-matter is dominant except in personality, where spirit, through the mediation of mind, is striving for the mastery. Spirit is unchanging, and therefore in all personality relations, it transcends both mind and matter. Consciousness of divinity is a progressive spiritual experience.’

— Adapted from the Urantia Papers

It is delightfully thought provoking to contemplate what kind of intelligence is capable of producing such succinct, intuitively flawless and convincingly authoritative commentary?

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